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We had the pleasure of working with Stephen Connors for three months as an Associate Editor of Smart Blogger. If you’re unfamiliar with the site, it is the largest writing blog in the world with over 4 million readers.

Stephen worked on our content team. He focused on developing the content strategy for individual posts, drafting briefs, and then editing the post of a freelance writer.

And he did well! In particular, we thought he did a brilliant job at editing and SEO strategy. Here’s one of many content briefs that Stephen wrote for us:



The above brief resulted in this published post, which reached the second page of Google for the competitive “hemingway editor” keyword only a few short weeks after publication:

Stephen guided the post from the ideation stage all the way to editing and publication, and he did an excellent job working with the writers assigned to him. He’s also a talented writer in his own right. Stephen has authored multiple posts for us (with more in the works). Here are two of note:

I’d be happy to work with him again. I spoke with the other members of our content team, and they felt the same way. I believe he would make a great addition to any team.

–  Jon Morrow, Chief Executive Officer, Smart Blogger

I had a blast working with Steve. He delivered top-notch content well before the deadline and was super-easy to work with. Not only that, but Steve digs deep into every topic to find unique and interesting content angles that competitors miss—and that’s something I truly appreciate about him! 100%, I recommend Steve to anyone looking for a content manager. He’d be a strong addition to anyone’s team. 

– Pat Blakely, Smart Blogger